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Ad Builder Step by Step (for designers)

The responsive ad builder enables you to use your assets to build a responsive ad without coding any HTML. When live on site, the ad starts in a contracted state, clicking the ad to expand reveals either the full background image or a video. Separate assets (e.g. logo, strap line, call-to-action) can be added for each of the contracted and expanded states. The expanded state is optional, and instead clicking the contracted state can direct users to a destination Url.

Inside the Ad-Builder, you scroll down to see how the ad looks at varying screen sizes, these previews reflect any edits you make.

Step One - Pick your background image (1520px x 860px, jpg/png) then choose the focal area for the contracted state by dragging the image.

Step Two - Pick your assets overlay, such as logo, strapline, call-to-action (up to 1520px x 340px, jpg/png, maximum of 4) Drag your assets to desired positions.

Step Three - Switch Expanded state on. Either move your assets around or turn them off for when in expanded state. You can add further assets to use exclusively in the expanded state.

Step Four - If you want the expanded state to be a video, pick your video. When a video is added the expanded state will just be the video playing automatically. Play and Pause buttons will be automatically added to the Contracted State when a video is added, you can change these by replacing them with your own.

Step Five - Save your ad then email the preview link to us for feedback. Keep the edit link safe so you can return to edit the ad anytime.

The entire ad should be no more than 500k in size.

Contracted state

Background image - jpg/png. 1520px x 860px.

Asset overlay (e.g. logo, strapline, call-to-action) - jpg/png. up to 1520px x 340px. Maximum of 4 assets.

Expanded state (optional)

Video - mp4. 1520px x 860px. The tool will automatically convert this to all video formats required by various browsers and devices.

Asset overlay (e.g. logo, strapline, call-to-action) - jpg/png. up to 1520px x 340px. Maximum of 4 assets.