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HTML Coded Solus Emails:

Solus emails with multiple clickthrough destinations must be provided as coded HTML files, including all hosted images. 

A maximum file size of 500k is allowed (including images). Flash and animated gifs are not supported.

3rd party tracking must be coded within the HTML and not supplied separately. Condé Nast cannot be responsible for coding 3rd party tracking pixels and click commands.


We will also require:

Up to 5 email contacts for proofs/testing

Subject line containing a maximum of ten words


Notes on coding and design:

We cannot accept html that includes CCS (cascading style sheets), as not all email clients can render the code correctly. Please use basic <font> commands

If the email appears to be a single image but made from numerous images, some email clients will not align them together. Please use a single large image

HTML to be rendered using only table cells and not DIV or SPAN tags

Bullet points to be rendered as an image (not as a HTML entity)

All images to contain relevant alt tags - non descriptive images should have a blank alt tag

Where possible, use entity codes for special characters i.e &, £, ©, ® and so on

Do not render any images as background images, inline images only

Do not use the padding and margin style attributes to create blank spaces, use a spacer gif instead