970px x 250px

Desktop only

Conde Nast-hosted file requirements
- File types that can be provided: JPG/PNG/GIF
- Max file weight: 75kb
- Single impression pixel accepted: yes
- Click tracker accepted: yes
- Secondary pixels supported: no

*All files subject to pixel quality approval*

Rich Media
- All rich media must be 3rd party served
- HTML5 files if provided will be accepted subject to testing
- Sound must be user-initiated
- Video duration - recommended: 15 secs, max: 30secs
- Max loops - 3
- Expansion allowed: no

3rd Party Load Requirements
- Initial File load: 200kb (mobile: 40kb) with a maximum load of 15 files
- Host-initiated sub-load: 1mb (mobile: 300kb)
- Video User-initiated load: 1.5mb (15 seconds max.) 2.2mb (30 seconds max.)

3rd Party Tag Requirements
- Pixels accepted for impression and viewability tracking
- Condé Nast does not allow the use of data collection pixels
- Blocking tags and retargeting/ remarketing cookies are not accepted across the Condé Nast portfolio
- Ad safety monitoring requirements must be declared at time of booking
- Tags must be live throughout the duration of the campaign
- Frequency capping should be discussed at time of booking

Asset Deadline
Assets must be received 3-5 working days in advance of the campaign start-date to allow for full set-up and testing.