This format is only available for sponsorships.

The Homefill format is a high-impact, easy to use, responsive format that forms part of our sponsorship offerings. The format is built using the Condé Nast Celtra AdCreator tool, which gives access to two pre-designed templates to allow for a simple and straight-forward ad build.

The two templates available for the Responsive Homefill in the Celtra AdCreator allow for either a static or a video design. At the most basic level, both options can be used to build a straight forward ad simply by replacing the Condé Nast placeholder raw assets with the clients own.

Just one design can be used across all devices, with an easy preview tool in the builder for guidance as the design is built. Three sets of asset dimensions are built into the templates to give guidance with regards to desktop, tablet and mobile designs.

To gain access to the template please provide your AdOps contact or with the name and email address of the creative designer. An access email will then automatically be sent to them and both the static and video template will then be available. The whole process is completely secure with just those granted access and Condé Nast’s AdOps team being able to see and amend the templates for the campaign.

Please click the below links to view an example of the Celtra Homefill in a live environment.

Full Technical Specification
Three sets of asset dimensions will need to be built into the templates to allow the ad to respond to desktop, tablet and mobile designs.
- 1280px x 350px
- 640px x 350px
- 320px x 350px

File formats that can be uploaded into the Condé Nast Celtra AdCreator:
- MP4 (video format)
- MOV (video format)
- JPG (static-image format)
- PNG (static-image format)

Initial File Load:
- 200kb (mobile: 40kb) with a maximum load of 15 files
- Host-initiated sub-load: 1mb (mobile: 300kb)
- Video User-initiated load: 1.5mb (15 seconds max.) 2.2mb (30 seconds max.)

Third Party Tracking Requirements:
All tracking must be provided to AdOps for QA and implementation 3-5 working days in advance of the campaign start-date.

- 3 max. per creative
- Click trackers must be allocated to individual click-throughs within the ad, should this be required, AdOps must receive a full list of tracking IDs and the relevant assets to which they should be implemented.

Impression Pixels:
- 3 max. per creative

Please be aware:
- Pixels accepted for impression and viewability tracking.
- Condé Nast does not allow the use of data collection pixels.
- Blocking tags and retargeting/ remarketing cookies are not accepted across the Condé Nast portfolio.
- Ad safety monitoring requirements must be declared at time of booking.
- Tags must be live throughout the duration of the campaign.

Additional Information:
- Sound must be user-initiated
- Video Duration - Recommended: 15s, Maximum: 30s.
- Infinite loop
- Expansion is not permitted under any circumstance

Asset Deadline
Assets must be received 3-5 working days in advance of the campaign start-date to allow for full set-up and testing.