This format will appear on the brand's YouTube channel.
If you are sponsoring the Vogue Video section on the website a Pre Roll video can also be supplied alongside the standard ad formats required, this will appear on all videos that fall within this section.

720px x 1080px

720px or below is required, the optional inclusion of 1080px is recommended - 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios are accepted

Aspect ratio examples below:
854px x 480px
1280px x 720px
920px x 1080px

480px x 360px
720px x 540px
960px x 720px


Publisher hosted:
- 10MB
- Single impression pixel and click tracker can be supplied alongside or standard URL to direct traffic to
- MP4/WebM file types accepted

3rd party hosted requirements:
- Assets must comply with YouTube's XML summary for VAST ad server response
- SSL-compliant
- Only VAST 3.0 tags are supported for skippable video ads. Must be served via a linear VAST tag (pre-fetch tag) by a YouTube-approved vendor
- Third party tags must not have geo, browser or any other targeting/capping implemented
- Please ensure your ad server returns a valid crossdomain.xml file. If you choose to explicitly list domains, please ensure all ad serving domains are included
- VAST-served video ads are not eligible to run on mobile web, game consoles or connected TV devices.
- Only VAST 2.0 and higher is supported
- VPAID tags are not accepted across the Condé Nast Portfolio
- Viewability tracking is not supported

Asset Deadline
Assets must be received 3-5 working days in advance of the campaign start-date to allow for full set-up and testing.